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by You're Right?

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Acoustic Demos. More To Come.


released February 12, 2012

Randy Hemler. For Arbys nuggets and curly fries.



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You're Right? Baltimore, Maryland

Four guys suckin dicks and squeezin tits.

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Track Name: I.N.F.P.
It seems like everyone around me doesnt get why I dont talk.
They think that I have problems, or that I cant even feel.
But people come and go, so why should I relate to them
the gauntlet of introspective bullshit that goes through me head?

You see the problem isn't what I am, but what's expected.
The smallest disrelation from the norm and Im subjected
to this treatment like a patient. Always "is there someting wrong?"
Im sorry I cant express it like you but I promise that its true.

(So take your fucking pills)
So you can take your pills, if it makes you feel better.
You're just running from the truth, that you'll never fit in.
I know 30mg would make me spill my guts.
But I'm content with knowing I'll never leave my mark.
Track Name: Feeling Alive
i never thought that i would ever act in this way
feeling something that shouldn't just go to waste
cause now i'm feeling a little more alive
in the way that most fucking humans do
i have a heart beat that won't seem to stop
everytime i think about the things that we've done
and i used to be able to stay up all night
but now i sleep so i can dream about you

and i never thought
i would end up like this
cause i used to stay up every night
but now i sleep so i can dream about you
Track Name: Louder Louder
Summer is gone just like the freedom that you had from my head
With Winter here i can hear your voice getting louder and louder
last summer i thought that this would all just go away
but here you are again filling my head with grief and resentment

this winter might not last a whole life time
but it's the only time i get to see you again
this winter might not last for to long
but it was long enough for me to write you this stupid song

Don't go cause when summer comes i know that i'll just end up alone
Track Name: Confessions Of A Teenage Dropout
Maybe we could
Go out some time.
Grab a bite,
or stay in all night.
Watching movies.
Spoon in your bed.
Your friends think I'm weird.
Fuck what they said.
I dig your style.
Do you dig mine?
I can't help looking
When you walk by.
Your hazel eys.
Your crooked smile.
Your hand grazed mine.
I melted inside.

Keep composure.
Play it cool.
I'm a fucking loser.
Could you at least
Give it a shot?
I'd make you happy.
I'd make you smile.
No, are you sure?
I guess that's cool.
I'll see you in class.
Yeah we have class.
Fuck, I don't exist.