.​.​.​Killed Red Yeti

by You're Right?

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This took way longer than it should have. But we're super proud of it, and we hope you have as much fun listening to it as we did making it!

If some how we run out of downloads, here ya go.


released November 2, 2012

Eduardo on Rhythm.
Nick on Lead.
Joe on Bass.
Sean on Drums.
We all sing.

Recorded over the course of 2012 by Sean McCabe at Eat The Crust Recordings.



all rights reserved


You're Right? Baltimore, Maryland

Four guys suckin dicks and squeezin tits.

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Track Name: Impressed
I'm just going to walk this situation off, because I can't stand the way you look while you're talking shit about everyone who has nothing to prove to you. Don't act like you're not impressed. Don't act like you're better than the rest. Because we have more heart than you. You've got a stubborn reminder where yours used to be. You talk a big game now, but your heart pumps hate into your veins. And I hope it hurts like hell. It lets me know that I'm stronger than you.

Don't act like you're better than me.
Track Name: Louder, Louder
Summer is gone just like the freedom the you've yanked from my head. With winter here, I can hear your voice getting louder and louder. Last summer I thought that this would all just go away. But here you are again, filling my head with grief and resentment. This winter might not last a life time, but it's the only time I get to see you again. This winter might not last for too long, but it was long enough for me to right you this song. Don't go, because when summer comes I know that I'll just end up alone.
Track Name: Thank You, Lady From Cici's
But I never should have come here. This was such a bad idea. To think I thought that this would end up any better. Now I'm stuck outside throwing rocks up at your window. Please wake up and answer the phone. You are my home. I know I fucked up again, and probably will next weekend. But I'd walk to your house at 3am in 20 degree weather every night for the rest of my life just to lie beside you, kiss you on your neck and whisper, "You are my home."
Track Name: Sharpie Ink
I got bad news from you today. That I'm a failure. But I don't think that it's my fault. You brought me here from the start. Yeah I know. I got bad news from you today. Another broken heart for me. But I don't think that it's my fault. I put more time than you ever seemed to care. You played around with sharpie ink. You left your mark, it fucking stinks. I got bad news for you today. Your a failure (fucking failure). Yeah, I know.
Track Name: Sean's A Cholo
Screaming in a basement until my throat bleeds next to three kids I don't even know. Took three years screaming to an empty basement to realize what I wanted wasn't a punk rock show. I've got my friends. I've got everything I've ever wanted. Pay three bucks to smoke ciggs by the pool side if it'll make you look cool for a while. I'll be inside emptying my heart out with my bastard family I just met tonight.