This Is My Cheese Fountain

by You're Right?

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Our first release. PUMP IT!


released January 7, 2012



all rights reserved


You're Right? Baltimore, Maryland

Four guys suckin dicks and squeezin tits.

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Track Name: Put That Richard Away (P.T.R.A.)
This one time in in high school
I forget, I had to do something my teacher told me.
But I saw this cute girl, and she flipped my whole world.
I don't think she even knows me.

Now I sit in my room, counting these walls,
Imagine her holding my hand.
I'll write thees songs and change my whole act.
It wont mean anything at all.

Shes perfect, shes pretty,
Athletic and witty. (And smart?)

Shes sexy well dressed, shes all and the rest.
But I think shes graduating so I'll probably never see her face again.
Track Name: Lunar Satellite
I feel a pattern between us now.
Like the Moon upon the Earth.
You only come around at night,
And theres a darker side of you.

But I guess I shouldnt complain,
cause you still come around.
And I know you could be with someone else.
But I guess you just like to see me smile.

You put the moon in the sky,
and told all the starts to shine.
For me.
Track Name: The Con Artist
Its kinda funny how these past few days
Ive been telling myself that that its all okay.
And then i see your face and and and everything changes.

Its just those last few years you shaped my life, my mind.
Turns out im just another pawn, the whole thing was a lie.
And now im watching as you court another means to an end.
To see the same acts repeated over and over again.

You people wonder why i never want to let you in.
Look at the bullshit my past consists of,
Tell me, how would you amend?
Track Name: We Wrote This Song To Be Famous
We want to be seen on MTV
We want to be seen on all of your TV screens
We're going to sell out like all of your favorite bands
We'll do anything to get some money in our hands

We only did this for the fame
We only did this so everyone would know our names

We want to see our name in the bright lights
We want to be seen on all the internet sites
We want to be heard on every radio
We want be watched on every TV show

We only did this for the fame
We only did this so everyone would know our names

We wrote this song to be famous.
Track Name: I Like Winter
You remind me, of someone I thought I knew.
I thought I had her, but I was just grasping at straws.
Cause she left me, standing with my heart on my sleeve.
I felt so stupid, I thought I would never recover.

But the truth is better then the lie.
She only looked good in the summer time,
But I like it when it's winter time.